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Be the Stranger


 In a previous post, we asked ourselves some questions about what is really important to us.  In this post we are going to see if our homes match that list we made.

Imagine a stranger stepped into your home. What would they learn about you and your family?

Go ahead. Be that stranger for a moment and step inside your home. I mean physically, literally walk in your front door and take a look around.

Based on what you see and feel, ponder the following -

  • What kind of relationship do the people in my home have? What evidence can I see of that?
  • What does my family value? Is that evident in what I see?
  • What role does religion play in my family? Is that clear?
  • What virtues am I teaching my family? Kindness, honesty, responsibility...? Can I tell by looking?

Look over your list you made previously.

Is what you see in your home in harmony with your list?

If not, your home is not working for you!  the good news is you can change that.

Your home can be a powerhouse when it comes to influence. Join me in future posts as we dive in deeper.