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Make Your Home Speak Loud & Clear

What does your home say about you?

In previous posts, we asked ourselves about what really matters most to us. We then took on the role of stranger for a moment and took a good look around our home. In today's post we are going to make plans to turn our home into a powerhouse by bringing it into harmony with our list.

Make your home speak loud & clear!

Remember that list you made here?  This is where it really comes in to play. The relationships, values, religious beliefs, life lessons, traditions and experiences you want to share with your family need to be apparent in your home.

This is your controlled environment.  It is your tool!  Using your home intentionally can really expand your influence in huge ways!

Relationships are what this life is about. Does you home show the importance of that?  Family photos, pictures of temples or other special places, signs or accents that say things like "Families are forever" or "Together is my favorite place to be" - There are so many ways to express this and having visible evidence of how you feel speaks volumes to your family even when you aren't at home with them.

Values are so important. They weave themselves into all aspects of our lives and can spare us from some painful lessons. We want our family to be kind, honest, forgiving, merciful, hard working, and so many other wonderful things. From quotes displayed to postcards and wall art, there are many ways to reinforce the values we hold dear. I love "Kindness begins with me".

Religious Beliefs are at the very core of how we view ourselves and the world. How do you show your religious beliefs in your home? Perhaps you have scriptures in view, a statue of Christ, quotes on the wall or beautiful religious-themed artwork displayed. I love scriptures and quotes on wood signs throughout my home. They remind me of things I want to ponder more often. Have you noticed the power of words? If there are words in sight, you just have to read them. And if they are words in a song, well, you just have to sing them. You can't help it and neither can your family members.

Life Lessons are such blessings. Things like being responsible, contributing to the family through chores, managing our time and money, upholding our obligations and more can be reinforced with a "command center" in your home.  It's a place where you can display a family calendar, chore charts, and a chalkboard or whiteboard for communication. Not only is a command center great for staying organized but it says these things are important. We need to pay attention to them. 

Traditions bring us together and help us grow. They celebrate things we value and fill our lives with cherished memories. Many transform their homes around Christmas, Easter and even Birthday traditions.  You can start new traditions that add meaning and purpose to your family at any time. In our family, we have a noodle-making tradition that is part of our Thanksgiving festivities that is treasured by generations.

Encouragement & Motivation are very much needed in our homes.  From messages written on chalkboards, to signs that remind us to "do something your future self will thank you for" there are many ways we can encourage and motivate our family and let them know they "can do hard things".

We challenge you to make your home speak loud and clear.  Start with one thing and little by little you will have your home working for you by reinforcing the goals you have for your family.