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Worthy Words


We've touched on this before, but here are some additional ideas for ways to bring the power of words into your home.

  • Words - There are so many ways to bring words into our home. From first names to family names & themed words for the year, words help remind us of important things and refocus our attention. Quotes of encouragement and inspiration are needed as are goal supporting words & faith filled verses to strengthen us.
  • Books -  Enter a home where there is a love of learning and you will find books -  Books on a variety of interests, books filled with hope and inspiration, books that challenge the reader to do some self-reflection, and probably some to help us solve problems and make changes. But that is not all. There are books that help us recharge and escape from the mundane for just a bit, books that spark dreams, and books that fill us with hope and faith, and let's not forget the books that make us laugh and even cry.   
  • Notes - This is such a small and simple way that we can connect with those we love. We've left notes on pillows for our children, we've sent them notes in the mail while we were away.  We've hidden notes in books they were reading, and in their luggage and back packs. My hubby has left me notes on my car when he noticed it in a parking lot and sure enough, it made me smile! 
  • Quotes -  Pick any topic and add the word quotes to it and you fill find lists of quotes applicable to anything. You can find quotes to encourage special interests or talent development. There are so many quotes to encourage and uplift, teach and inspire. You can write them on a piece of paper displayed on the fridge, frame them for the wall or shelf or even use them in your home's decor.

The ways to bring the power of words into our homes is endless. Make this a priority and your home will help you speak those important messages to those you love.