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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do you have special shipping rates?  Yes we do.  Currently we will ship your order for a flat rate of $5.99. We are testing this price to see if it is a viable option for a longer term.  This price does NOT cover our shipping expenses but we will swallow the rest just for you. If your order is for $100 or more you will automatically get free shipping as a "Thank you!" gift from us!

2.  Do you have a return policy?  Yes we do.  We love happy customers! If there is ever a problem with your order please send us an email right away so we can make it right.  Email us at dana@home-centered.com.  We accept returns for up to 15 days after your purchase is delivered.  We ask that you pay the return shipping unless the product is damaged  upon arrival or  an error was made on our part. 

3. How do I find out about other products that you sell?  You can always visit us here at home-centered.com, but we'd hate for you to miss that perfect piece, or sale.  You can follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list to keep up with our themed collections and special sale dates.  They don't last long so be sure you stay in the loop!

4. What themes can we expect to see? All year long you will find our EVERYDAY BASICS Collection available. Items in this collection have three qualities - 1) They must be purposeful 2) They must be versatile, meaning they can be used in various rooms, seasons and holidays. And 3) They must be beautiful. 

You can expect the holiday themes during their typical times, but our other themed collections appear at various times throughout the year. In addition to our holiday themes,  you'll find themes that promote a specific message.  A few themes coming in 2019 are KINDNESS, FAMILY, TALENTS, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, and FOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH. Is there a message you would like to encourage in your home? Just send us an email and we'll see if we can help with that!

5. Where are you located?  We are located mid-country in beautiful Arkansas, which means your packages arrive quickly no matter which side of the county you live on.

6. Do you do collaborations with influencers?  Yes, if we think you/your audience are the right match for us. Email us for details. 


Have a question?  Please send an email to  dana@home-centered.com